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Makeup Is Art! So Paint It!

Mluxe brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. Our brushes are 100% synthetic. They incorporate the latest innovations in fiber technology for superior performance and improved longevity. Now available in different diameter sizes and serve different purposes during application. It come in a bag for easier storage and movement. They are available in 5 different colors: Pink, Hot pink, Orange, Nude Pink, and Blue.

 Key Feature:

  • 100% synthetic fiber
  • Easier storage 
  • Longevity 

The Shade:Pink, Hot pink, Orange, Nude Pink, Blue (Why use a boring brush)



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Our brush set contains 10 different types of brushes serving different purposes.

• Powder Brush: Gently dust loose powder products across your face.
• Contour Brush: To achieve angular, defined cheekbones and facial structure.
• Blush Brush: For the application of blush to get that fresh-faced, youthful rosiness.
• Eye Shadow Brush: Applying swaths of general color to your eyelids.
• Angled Eye shadow brush: For smudging and contouring eye makeup.
• Eyeliner Brush: For adding a liner to achieve a fuller lash line or cat-eye look.
• Eye Shadow Crease Brush: For creating the illusion of depth and adding dramatic contrast to your base lid color.
• Lip Brush: To precisely apply lipstick, gloss, and other lip products.
• Tampered Foundation Brush: Precise application of foundation, highlight, or blush.